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One of the youngest models we’ve had is Ali a super sweet 3 year who’s also super shy! He refused to inter the studio at the beginning!! and we had to play all sort of games and tricks to move him step by step inside until we finally succeeded not only having him under the lights but making him enjoy every bit of it ;)

Final result below, Photography: dow photography , Agency: M&C Saatchi , Client: Ooredoo  

Hi everyone! Long time! hope you had a great summer 🌞 We are back and in full swing 💪🏼 We’ll start by sharing some recent summer photographs done by Jaber … enjoy 😍

We had great fun shooting with Live Life Cross fit crew down in our “BOX” great athletes and lovely people!

It is only a few days of the year when visibility is crystal clear here in the Gulf, on such days passionate photographers tend to bounce on the walls if they don’t get the chance to be out there!!! Yesterday was one of these special days and we where out and about …

Amazing dramatic sky today!! good morning Doha!

#morning #dramatic #sky #doha

Happy national day Qatar