“To love beauty is to see light”  Victor Hugo


‘Dow’ is the Arabic word for light. Dow Photography was founded in Qatar in 2011 by Jaber AlAzmeh and Amine AlKhatib.

Jaber is our Photography and Videography Director, and an established artist;

a master of light and lens, ever striving to deliver images beyond set expectations.

And Amine is our commercial Director, bringing in years of business experience and production capabilities.

Along with the passion and spirit of our team of young talented professionals and collaborators, Dow photography has become what it is: the premier destination for commercial and art photography and videography in Qatar.






Jaber AlAzmeh

Photography Director

Amine Al Khatib

Commercial Director


Qasem Mhires


Mohammed Al Kasem

Production Manager



Johnatan Machado Tepper






Photographs evolve incredibly from the start of ideation. The story of moments that unroll as we improvise our photographs towards perfection always have elements of amusement.