When we go out dining it is not only for the taste experience and pleasure that we look forward to but the visual one as well. As commonly said people eat with their eyes.

Below are some shooting moments we enjoyed while making a visual feast for one of our client.

Chef in action and jaber's suggestion on photographic aspect

Chef in action and jaber’s suggestion on photographic aspect

All from the kitchen

All from the chef

Beautification of the minute aspects

Perfection and quality never compromised. Jaber and kaseem for achieving the perfection and quality

Fine touch by chef

Fine touch by chef

The photography eye reading the image

The photographic eye reading the image

What he wants...

Direction by jaber and govind behind the camera

QFB's enjoying those moments and kaseem on his viewpoints

QFB’s enjoying those moments and kaseem on his viewpoints with jaber

Govind altering the angle and positions

Govind’s feather touch alterations as required

Viewing the outcome

Viewing the outcome